Protect your boat with a wide variety of gorgeous accenting rub rails to match your preference.

Dock Bumper

Review Barbour marines premium dock bumper product line finding every answer for adding protection to your dock or commercial marina.

Stainless Steel Rubrail

Marine Grade rigid and Flex rubrails that accept a range of stainless steel inserts.

Stainless End Caps

End your rubrail trim with perfectly polished endcaps that make a statement on quality craftsmanship.


Maintain quality and reduce cost with Co-extruded rubrails that are standard to the industry.

P-Series & D-Series Dock Bumper

The economical bumper options to trim out and protect dock marinas.


Premium Co & Tri extruded rubrails which hide fastners and leave behind a sleak finish 360 degrees around your boat.

Vertical Fenders

Dock bumper made for big, weighted impact or softer slip protection. Piling bumpers and vertical fenders made for every.

Urethane Bumpers

The ultimate dock bumper to protect your boat. Premium products for creatiing a soft impact for your boat in a constant hit environment.

Cleats & Caps

Tie up your boat and cap up your pilings with Barbour Marines dock cleats piling caps and other marine accessories.

Dock Corners

Barbour Marine has several options for protecting your dock corners, ranging from economical and premium options.

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