About Us


It’s all about the details…

Aircraft interior refurbishment and custom design projects are notoriously complex. To get them right, you need to consider many variables and be a stickler for detail. This is where 3D Paint Design can help!

When you work with us you can begin your painting or design project confident that you will get it right the first time and every time. 

We partner with you to: 

  • Better manage client expectations

    • Our 3D model will allow your clients explore every aspect of the proposed paint design or interior design in full 3D detail, viewing from every angle. The 3D process will bring your design to life. What they see is literally what they will get!
  • Help your painting technicians visualize the finished job

    • Paint technicians and designers love our work! They can view the paint job or interior design from all angles, spot potential problems, and familiarize themselves with the proposed design and how it will look when it is applied to the aircraft.

  • Avoid costly mistakes and misunderstandings

    • With our full 360-degree digital design, your clients can view the finished job from all angles. No misunderstandings! No expensive rework! Everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect!
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    Protect your professional reputation

    • In business there is nothing more important than your reputation. Our service will help you deliver a professional client-focused service. It will help you make the transition from initial design concept to finished job as smooth as possible!
  • Improve your project management

    • Every project has its own unique challenges, risks, and problems. If problems are not spotted and controlled early on, they can lead to very costly mistakes! Our 3D Digital models are an excellent way to introduce an extra control measure into your project.
  • Add value to your service

    • Our service is “white label.” We will add your logo and company details to our designs. We will even provide you with your own branded online studio for you and your clients to login into and view their designs.